How to upgrade from a Free Plan? 

IMPORTANT: Every Quixxi user account comes with:

  • Free static assessment (SAST) for one app (Android & iOS) - Limited report (without recommendations)
  • Free dynamic assessment (DAST) is available only for Android - Limited report (without recommendations) 
  • Free app protection (SHIELD) - Basic Reverse engineering protection (Limited security features)

For accessing to recommendations, Shield full features and for additional apps you need to upgrade your free plan.

Our Plans and Pricing has been updated recently (24th November 2022)

All Quixxi subscriptions is now managed from app level. 

(Previously all subscriptions were managed at account level)

Plans/PricingSAST Scan
Monthly Plan$49

*All DAST plans are one-time plans, there is no Monthly subscriptions

NOTE: All the monthly plans are auto renewal plans. In order to stop your renewal please send your cancellation request to email: The yearly plans instead must be explicitly renewed

For Custom-Enterprise plans / Yearly plans, please request here and our sales team will reach you shortly.

Please follow the below steps for upgrading:

  1. Select/Open the app that you want to subscribe 
  2. Open App Settings
  3. Click App Subscription
  4. Select - Scan/Shield
  5. Select - SAST/DAST/WEB API
  6. Click Subscribe corresponding to the plan you wish to upgrade (One-off and Monthly plans)

Other Information: 

  • You can also manage cards (Add/Delete) by clicking Username -> Account -> Cards
  • Independently from the choice the detailed payment history will be available under Billing section. You can also download/print payment receipt by clicking Billing -> View -> Print

If you still have any queries left please feel free to contact us at: or through the Quixxi portal Live Chat for immediate assistance.