How to get executable app after Quixxi Shield integration

Its always mandatory to sign the Quixxi shield protected app before installation or publishing 

You need to sign the app, either development signed/debug signed/Production signed (Keystore used to publish the apk in playstore) before you try installing the protect app. Quixxi helps you here to sign your app in 3 possible ways:

For testing purpose you can download the debug signed version here as shown in the below image:

For signing your apk with google credentials from Quixxi, you please enable "Sign your apk" option to enter keystore credentials and get the signed version of apk, which will be ready to publish (Refer below image for shield settings)

For signing it manually after protection, Click download the protected app, you will be shown with below instruction on how to sign in. (Refer image below)

Hope this helps. Please feel free to reach me if you still having queries.