Issue when publishing the app: QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES permission

Quixxi will add QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES permission when enabling any one of the following permissions:

Integrate Malware detection SDK

Terminate app when lucky patcher is installed on the device.

Quixxi collects and scans all installed apps to identify Malware apps and Lucky patcher app so it requires QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES permission. This permission will allow the app to get list of installed apps on the device


The purpose of adding this permission is to scan all apps installed on the device to identify malware and Lucky patcher application. If you turn off these options in Shield Options Quixxi will not include these permissions.

Why Quixxi need this permission? 

To scan malicious applications installed on the device Quixxi requires this permission. Quixxi collects all installed applications on the device and scans them to identify the malicious applications. These malicious applications can change their package name on every release, also these applications can use a random package name to hide them from scanners.  

Malicious apps include Luckypatcher and other malware apps that can harm the device and users. 

Quixxi will scan all installed applications and display following screen when Lucky patcher is installed on the device

How to get approval from Quixxi for this permission? 

Following example content can be used to explain why application requires this permission

Core purpose:

    Our app has been attacked by hackers or cheating tools, and our revenue and brand value are damaged seriously. To prevent further damage to our app, we applied a security solution "Quixxi Shield" to our app. Quixxi Shield requires this permission to detect and block thousands of hacking tools and some critical tools which can dynamically change their package name at runtime 

Following video is helpful to understand how Quixxi detects and blocks usage of application on detection of malicious applications: