17th November 2023

Posted 8 months ago by RAJESH


Release Notes for Quixxi Users


1. Supervise API optimization

  1. APIs to send device and threat information to portal are optimized to increase the performance,
  2. Modified overview page to display charts based on security threat.
  3. Storage of Threat logs for a device is limited to 30 days


2. SSL Pinning , Copy & Paste prevention support for Flutter apps.

  1. A plugin to add SSL Pinning and prevent copy & paste operation. Developers can use this plugin when they develop the application.
  2. Flutter apps with this plugin integrated can be uploaded to Quixxi portal to apply Shield.

3. SSL Pinning support for react apps (Android & iOS)

    SSL Pinning can be added to React apps with minimum SDK Android 7 (SDK version 24).

4. Native apps SSL Pinning Improvement (Android)

    SSL Pinning can be added to Native apps with minimum SDK Android 7 (SDK version 24).

5. Res String encryption improvement (Android)

    Fixed an issue in searching strings from strings.xml.

6. Other minor bug fixes.

    Fixed an issue in decompiling specific apk.

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