28th July 2020

Posted over 2 years ago by Rajesh Kumar

Rajesh Kumar
Rajesh Kumar

  1. Free Shield trial feature in CLI and Rest API:  
  2. This allows end users to access shield via Command Line interface and API 
  3. Integrating CWE & CVE Score in Rest API and CLI Scan Reports:   
  4. The CVE/CWE features available in the new reports via the web portal interface can now be accessed through REST API and Command Line Interface  
  5. UI Changes for showing Portal Outage notification: 
    1. Users will be notified atleast 48 hours prior to downtime of Quixxi portal 
    2. The changes will include a newly added "Under Maintenance" page and a prior marquee notification  
  6. Email notification feature on Scan/Shield status:  
  7. End users will receive email notifications immediately post success or failure of scan or shield process on their mobile apps in the Quixxi portal 
  8. Shield related Changes in Quixxi Code:
    1. Removed Logs used in Quixxi code integrated with the app package whilst applying shield
    2. Removed usages of e.printStackTrace() in Quixxi code whilst applying shield  
  9. Minor Bug fixes

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