How to upgrade from a Free Plan to a Premium Plan? 

IMPORTANT: Every Quixxi account comes with a free app, which will allow you to run free app assessment for one app (Android & iOS) - without recommendations. And for remediation/ Quixxi shield features/ for additional apps you need to upgrade your account.

Please follow the below steps for upgrading:

1. Please click on your Username (1), then click User Settings from the drop down.

2. Select Subscription (2) from user settings

3. Choose Bill Monthly or Bill Yearly (3) (For choosing a monthly plan you need accept auto renewal terms)

NOTE: All the monthly plans are auto renewal plans. In order to stop your renewal please contact our support via email or through the Quixxi portal Live Chat. The yearly plans instead must be explicitly renewed

4. In order to activate the Start Up/Pro/Business plan please click on the Subscribe (4) button and add your credit/debit card if not already provided

If you are looking for a customized Enterprise plan, kindly click on the Contact Us button and our sales team will reach you shortly

Other Information: 

  • You can also manage cards (Add/Delete) by clicking Username -> Account -> Cards
  • Independently from the choice the detailed payment history will be available under Billing section. You can also download/print payment receipt by clicking Billing -> View -> Print

Refer the steps below image to upgrade to any yearly plan:

Refer the steps below image to upgrade to any monthly plan:

If you still have any queries left please feel free to contact us at: or through the Quixxi portal Live Chat for immediate assistance.