Steps to add Quixxi Plugin in Android Studio:

  1. Choose "Install Plugin from disk in Plugins window (File -> Settings -> Plugins for Linux and AndroidStudio -> Preferences -> Plugins for Mac) and choose “QuixxiPlugin.jar” and click “Restart Android Studio”.

  2. After restarting android studio you can see a Quixxi icon in the toolbar denoting Quixxi Patch plugin installed successfully.

  3. Generate your APK by Build -> Build APK and Click Quixxi Patch plugin in Toolbar.

  4. Mention your  AppGuid(AppGuid available in "Readme.txt" file), Package name, app version, Product flavor(if any), select build type (debug or release) and click "Upload".

Steps to Patch the Code:

  1. In the Quixxi portal choose "Control" in the header tab and scroll down the window and select "Patch" in the left side of the window under Diagnostics.

  2. Click "Add Patch"  and select "App Version", select a class and choose the method in listed for providing patch

  3. Choose a "Mode",either Sandbox(for debugging,testing) or Production(for pushing patch to live application).Select any predefined options in "Type"  which suitable for your method.
  4. For example, you intended to add "Alert Dialog" for your method then choose your method in "Method" dropdown list and choose "Show AlertView" in "Type" dropdown list, now a dialog will be prompted and provide a custom title and description.Click "Submit" to push patch for your application.
  5. You can see the history of pushed patches in "Patch List"
  6. Once you restart your application with QuixxiPatch.isDebug=true then you will receive a test patch that contains the method redefinition.

  7. For releasing patch to live application choose "Production" in Mode and "Submit" it. Whenever a user opens application next time will get patch immediately.
    Note: For this option you must have already released your application with  QuixxiPatch.isDebug=false.