1. Create a new app in Quixxi Portal using Add New button.

  2. In "Create your app" dialog give a name of your application and click Continue

  3. Click the newly created app and choose "Control" in header tab and choose Package in left side menu

  4. Click "Add Platform" and choose Android as platform and check Licensing in Select module option.

  5. Enter Google Key, Google Sender Id and Google AppKey and click Start Packaging.

  6. To find the public licensing key for your app perform the following steps…
    Login to the Google Play Developer console from where you published your app.
    Click on your app in the list of apps.
    Click on Services & API’s on the bottom left menu.
    Under Licensing & In-App billing you will see the public key.

  7. Get Google Sender Id by following these steps

    1. Login to Google Developer Console and go to your Dashboard, If you have multiple projects on GDC, identify the applications whose GCM Sender ID you want to use.

                2. Click on the project, the project number there is your GCM Sender ID.

        8. Get Server Key and api key by following these steps


        1. Login to Google Developers Console and navigate to Enable and Manage APIs section

        2. Select Cloud Messaging for Android under Mobile APIs.

        3. First, enable the API. Then go to the Credentials section and Add a new API Key.

        4. Create a new Server Key.

        5. Name the key and whitelist provided IP Addresses, after you create the key here, it can take up to 10 mins for the settings to take             effect.

  1. Now Quixxi will pack Analytics framework,Licensing Framework and notify once its gets completed.

  2. Click "Download Demo" to receive a complete demo application which quickly showcases the features of Licensing framework.

  3. Click "Download Library" to get the library and you will receive a package which contains module called “QuixxiLibrary.aar”.