Please follow the steps below to protect your Android application with Quixxi Security

  1. Create a new app in Quixxi Portal using “Add New” button.

  2. In "Create your app" dialog give a name of your application and click Continue

  3. Click the newly created app and choose "Security" in the header tab.

  4. Under the iOS Section Click "Protect now" to protect your app

            5. In the next window make sure Apple Radio button is selected and click on the  Compile button.

            6. Scroll down the window and the choose the appropriate plan and then click Next

            7. Once you Click Next the framework will be compiled .

            8.Once Quixxi Security framework  is compiled, you wiill be automatically redirected to the Report page.
               Click on the Download Quixxi Security framework on the top right corner under the header to download the protected app.