13th June 2024 - Frida Detection (iOS), DAST (iOS) & Android Obfusctaion improvements!

Posted 27 days ago by RAJESH

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Release Notes for Quixxi Users  

1. Frida Detection improvement on iOS

Additional checks were added to detect the frida installation on the device effectively. 


2. Dynamic Application Security Testing for iOS

Dynamic application scan for iOS application is launched with 8 check points   

3. Android Obfuscation Improvements

Quixxi Shield will obfuscate class name and package name along with exiting method and field name obfuscation.  

4. Android Shield improvements  

Android shield stability is improved. 

5. DAST Scan Flow 

DAST scan flow is improved to increase the user experience. 

6. App Dashboard with Flagged device details

Flagged device details are displayed in the app dashboard 

7. Shield History page is improved to list more shield requests.  

8. Rest API to scan last shielded application is added. 

9. Other minor bugs are fixed 

Other minor bugs in portal are fixed to improve performance.  

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