4th August 2023

Posted 8 months ago by RAJESH


Release Notes for Quixxi Users:

  1. Improvement in malware detection  

An application crash has been identified and fixed when integrating malware detection. New malware detection option will required QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES permission. Users must add details for adding this permission when uploading apk/aab into the playstore.

  1. Improvement in Quixxi shield

An application crash when displaying security threat window has been fixed.

  1. A warning in the vulnerability report when adding malware detection option is fixed.

Joda time library is used in quixxi security. Hashcode method is used in joda time library for comparing two instances of date time object. Using hashcode result as a unique identifier to identify object is warning but it is used to compare two objects are same so it can be ignored.

  1. Minor bug fixes and improvements

Other minor issues in portal are fixed to improve the User experience.

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